The sound of the Hamar region

Global Game Jam Hamar (GGJH) 2017 will be held January 20th to 22nd at the Inland University Norway. Hamarregionen Utvikling is a partner of the event and invites the participants to take part of a contest – to make “the sound of the Hamar region”.
Update: The winners have been selected. First prize goes to Robert Mikkelsen, for his track. Second prize to Håvard Vibeto. Big grats to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated!
The winning sound tracks might be used in short videos and presentations by Hamarregionen Utvikling (HRU), a regional business development institution for the municipalities of Hamar, Løten and Stange. The main fields of work for HRU are to attract new citizens and to help and facilitate new businesses.
This is the Hamar region («Hamarregionen»)
The Hamar region is known for its wide, open spaces, a unique combination of urban and countryside living, fresh air, short-travelled food and Norway’s largest inland lake Mjøsa.
Read and see more at http://www.visit-hedmark.no/en/hamar- region/.
About the contest
Length and type of sound track is up to you. The sound might be music, sound effects or other types of sounds, e.g. “kontentum” (background/ambient sounds). The link or the sound track must be e-mailed to contest@hamargamecollective.com by midnight (24.00) January 21 nd. Feel free to use your favorite cloud based storage platform.
A jury consisting of representatives of Hamar Game Collective and HRU will select the winners. The winners will be announced on stage at the final talks at 16.00 on Sunday.

By participating in the contest you acknowledge that your sound track might be used by HRU in marketing material like movies and presentations. The author will be credited as far as possible.
Contact Håvard Røste (Project Manager HRU), havard AT hamarregionen.net and phone +47 99 60 36 11.