OIW 2018: Better and safer cities using VR and AR

Join this session to learn why VR and AR have the potential to change the way we conceive of urban development, planning and crisis forever.
This event is part of Oslo Innovation Week and the Arena Innlandet job fair. The latter takes place in the same venue in the evening the same day. For more information please check https://oiw.no and http://arenainnlandet.com.
Virtual and augmented reality is fast becoming an accessible and usable experience for the masses. The technology is now being applied in design and local government context, supporting cities in making optimal choices for the future.
VR and AR is enabling city planners to create a virtual avatar of a town, to showcase and monitor project progress, visualize future plans and enhancing crisis management. This facilitates the dialogue between various stakeholders and citizens’ participation is encouraged.
09.00 Registration, coffee and refreshments
09.15 How can use of VR and AR be beneficial in city planning? Sophie Mobbs, Associate professor at Inland Norway University of applied sciences.
09.45 Enthusiasm and user interaction in city development with MineCraft and 3D modelling, Stig Aage Melve, Geodata responsible, Hamar kommune
10.05 City planning with the use of VR/AR, Guro Vestvik Hamar kommune
10.20 Break
10.40 AR Decision Support System for collaborative crisis management, Kristine Kvam, Eon Reality Norway
11.00 How to learn, train and prepare your organization for hazardous situation with fire and explosions with the use of AR&VR, Knut Henrik Ås, Eon Reality Norway
11.20 How to collaborative train Police, Firemen and Health personnel in different incidents in AR.
11.40 Group work session
12.00 Questions and feedback session to end the day
12.15 Demos available for those interested
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(Event photo: Frederik Garshol)