Drones within the health care sector

Welcome to a full day conference focused on the opportunities and challenges of using drones within the health care sector presented by leading experts.
This conference was held June 19th. Please see a report from the conference here and pictures from the conference here.
The presentations from the day can be found here (PDF format):
1: Knut Korsell, UAS project mgr. The Intervention Centre Oslo University Hospital
2: Erik Fosse, The Intervention Centre, Oslo University Hospital
3: Randi Lilleengen Beitdokken, Inland Norway Trust
4: Thor Audun Saga, Syklotronsenteret
– 5: Karl Arne Andreassen
6: Leo JOAH, Airbus Helicopters
7: Gunnar Inderberg, Norway Post
8: Mandar Tabib, SINTEF Digital
9: Steffen Solberg, KVS Technologies

About the conference
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, is quickly becoming a serious and reliable transport mechanism for various industries and government sectors including the health care sector. The conference will highlight the opportunities and challenges associated with unmanned aerial vehicles for safe transport purposes within the health care sector.
Today, the critical transportation services between the hospitals and other health care centers depend on road transport with dedicated vehicles and taxi, resulting in a service that is often slow, has varying capacity and unpredictable transport time due to traffic congestion and climate challenges. The transportation service also represents a risk due to the lack of control and status of the transports in process.
The international development of drone solutions has exploded, and major investments are being made in the development of safe airborne logistics. Future drone-based solutions will be faster, more predictable and safer, and therefore very suitable in Norway with its geographical and climate challenges.
By developing a range of cutting-edge autonomous technologies, Airbus is working towards a world of self-piloting urban air mobility vehicles, cargo drones and more autonomous commercial aircraft. The vision: a safer, more efficient and eco-friendly global transport network.
Date and time: June 19th, 09.30 – 15.45
Location: Hamar kulturhus, Multisal Pauline Hall (map)

The program is split in two, before lunch focus is on the medical potential for the health care sector use drones. After lunch the focus is on the drone related technologies to support implementation of a fast and safe medical transport mechanism.
08.30 – 09.30 Registration and coffee
09.30 – 09.40 Welcome and background, Knut Korsell, UAS project mgr. The Intervention Centre Oslo University Hospital (OUS)
09.40 – 10.00 Bente Heggedal, Head of Section for Unmanned Aviation, the Civil Aviation Authority: The Norwegian drone strategy

Part 1: Medical potential and values for the health care sector

10.00 – 10.20 Erik Fosse, Professor and head of The Intervention Centre, OUS: «Drones in medicine – value equation and pilot project»

10.20 – 10.40 : Randi Lilleengen Beitdokken, Director Division Medical Services, Innlandet Hospital Trust: «New technology to support decentralised healthcare»
10.40 – 11.10: Coffee break
11.10 – 11.30: Thor Audun Saga, CEO Syklotronsenteret AS: «PET/CT scans outside main hospitals using drones»
11.30 – 11.50: Karl Arne Johannessen, Associate prof. UIO and researcher The Intervention Centre, Oslo University Hospital: «How to achieve hospital and patient value through secure use of drones»
11.50 – 12.10: Panel, questioning, sum-up part 1, facilitator Egil Utheim, Innovation mgr. Innlandet Hospital Trust
12.10 – 13.00: Lunch
Part 2: Drone related technologies
13.00 – 13.45: Leo JOAH, Airbus Skyways Program Lead: «Autonomy by Airbus – Aeronautical Unmanned Air Systems»
13.45 – 14.05: Gunnar Inderberg, Vice President, head of value chain development, Posten: «Nation wide logistics to support use of drones»
14.05 – 14.35: Coffee break
14.35 – 14.55:  Mandar Tabib, research scientist. Sintef Digital, Mathematics and Cybernetics dept.: «Use of hybrid analytics methods to decide on drone landing and take-off platforms in urban areas»
14.55 – 15.15: Steffen Solberg, Technical Manager, KVS technologies: «Automatic inspection of Statnett critical infrastructure through use of drones»
15.15 – 15.35: Panel, questions, facilitator Knut Korsell (OUS)
15.35 – 15.45: Sum-up and safe trip home
We will provide coffee, soft drinks and lunch. There is no entrance fee but we encourage you to register before June 15th.
Stand space
Are you interested in stand space at the conference? We offer small spaces for businesses who want to promote themselves and expand their network. Prices are either 450 NOK or 2500 NOK. More details to be found here or register directly here.
Background for the conference
Oslo Universitetssykehus (OUS) in cooperation with Sykehuset Innlandet (SI) plan to explore use of drones for transport of medical biological material. This objective is fully aligned with the expressed desire to explore use of aerial vehicles for transport purposes in Norway, documented in the national transport plan. The National Transport Plan 2018–2029 describes how the Norwegian transport sector in the coming twelve years will work towards the overall objective, which is A transport system that is safe, enhances value creation and contributes to a low-carbon society.
There are a number of companies involved with bringing to the market commercial drone solutions, and early exploratory work within the health care sector are ongoing internationally. McKinsey & Company estimates that external investment in drone-related companies is over $3 billion distributed to over 300 companies. This is one of the fastest growing global technology markets.
The OUS drone project is supported through the Research Council of Norway Helsevel program.
OUS, SI og Forskningsrådet in cooperation with Hamarregionen Utvikling.
The conference will be held in English.
(Photo: Photo by Sylvain Ramadier / Airbus Helicopters)